4 Reasons to Choose Afimilk


1 – Improved herd health

Afimilk systems proactively detect and facilitate the early diagnosis and treatment of mastitis, ketosis, and feed deficiencies. It also provides critical alerts such as calving difficulties.


2 – Reduced farm labor

Afimilk management tools enhance automated processes and decrease the need for farm labor. For example: Accurate heat detection replaces observations and tail chalking; milk meters automate milking; and sort gates enable efficient and scalable treatments.


3 – Increased profitability

Afimilk results include boosting herd fertility, improving herd health, optimizing the milking process,  increasing milk solids, and improving herd planning and genetics. 


4 – Higher pregnancy rate

Afimilk cow monitoring tools provide timely and accurate heat detection for improving herd fertility and optimized lactation intervals.

Testimonial – James Worth

Discover the changing journey of James Worth, a dedicated farmer from Davenport Farm, as he navigates the challenges of milking 400 cows with the help of Afimilk’s solutions.

James shares his compelling reasons for choosing Afimilk, detailing the remarkable improvements and results he’s experienced.

From a notable 20% increase in insemination rates to the seamless integration of multiple Afimilk products like AfiCollar, AfiFeed, Milk Meters, AfiSort, AfiFarm, and the handy mobile app Afi2go.


Testimonial – Oliver Kirkham

Join us as Oliver Kirkham from Newhaven Lodge Farm shares his transformative journey with Afimilk’s AfiCollar in their modest yet efficient 2-man farming operation.

Spread across 230 acres and milking 90 cows, discover how this powerful technology has streamlined their farming processes, significantly simplifying daily tasks, and bringing about substantial time and cost savings.

Testimonial – Steve Cope

Cope was looking at different methods to enhance the efficiency of the standard milking system he implements.

He had tried a host of different options, but when he saw the results of Afimilk, the search for a system or application to enhance productivity ended.

Watch on as Steve talks about his journey when using Afi-collars, and why he’s made the right and wise decision that ensures the wellbeing of his cows.

Testimonial – Andrew Gilman

Witness firsthand how Afimilk’s advanced technology has revolutionized the operations at Statfold Farm, a 400-acre tenanted farm with a herd size of 300.

By utilizing Afimilk’s AfiCollars, Afifarm SW, mobile app, and milk meters, the farm has gained unparalleled clarity of data, enabling precise monitoring of cow activity, rumination, and milk production.

With this invaluable insight, Statfold Farm has optimized their cow management practices, saving time and improving important aspects such as fertility, health, and rumination.