Rotary parlours are labour efficient milking parlours for dairies requiring a high throughput of cows per hour.

Benefits of rotary milking:

  • Cows remain very calm as this system enables a constant daily cow routine – it is the same for every cow, every day.
  • They offer a safe and consistent working environment.
  • The parlour operators remain in one place – platform entry, pre-milking work routine, milking unit attachment and cow exit from the rotary parlour are always constant.
  • The continuous cow flow allows the milkers to focus on the essential tasks in a safe environment and do not waste time walking from cow to cow.
  • The platform speed controls the milkers’ pace and can be adjusted according to cow groups’ milking times and yields.
  • A uniform work routine allows for calm, stress-free milk let-down – each cow is provided with equal time for milk-out
  • Milking procedures are more consistent and efficient in a large rotary parlour (60 stalls or greater) than in the same sized herringbone or parallel parlours (2X30 or greater)
  • Rotary parlours fit well into a dairy layout. Cow traffic management is easy with single entry and exit lanes. The single exit lane makes directing to a segregation area very easy.