The ADF Milking Dipping and Flushing system is an award-winning product that is helping farmers improve the health of their herds. It reduces the number of mastitis cases, saves time, saves money and increases the efficiency of the milking parlour.

Helping reduce mastitis – the benefits of the ADF milking system start immediately post-milking by protecting the teat at the right time, every time.

Saves you time – because the ADF system is designed to further automate the milking process you can make substantial time savings and increase parlour efficiency, whilst removing the eventuality of human error.

Saves you money – reducing time and labour in the milking parlour, keeping your herd healthy and increasing milk yields adds up to massive financial savings.

The flexible solution – the ADF milking system is easily installed on any make or type of milking parlour, either new or existing. Installation is carried out between milkings with minimum disruption to your routine.


How it works

The start of the milking process
Disinfected cluster presented in the correct
orientation, ready for next milking.

End of milking – the process starts
As the vacuum is shut off, teat dip is injected
into a manifold on the claw piece.

Dip is applied to the teat
At the optimum angle using Dual
Injection technology.

Teat dipped and protected
Within seconds of milking being
completed, teats are coated with dip.

Cleaning process commences
After removal, every liner is disinfected
and thoroughly rinsed.


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