We stock a large variety and range of poultry, wild bird feeds and all the lotions and potions you will ever need for the birds.

Bayley’s has a full range of pet food options including dry and wet dog and cat food, rabbit and guinea food, pet treats and accessories from a wide range of brands

We also have a comprehensive range of vermin and fly control products.
For humane capture of pests we stock a variety of live traps which come in a range of sizes and are designed to capture foxes, magpies, rabbits, squirrels, mink, rats and mice.

There are also traps and rodenticides including rat and mouse baits and poison for more persistent problems. Flies are a thing of the past with fly paper, flytraps and ready to use dairy fly spray.

Come in for a chat and hopefully we will be able to answer all your questions and meet all your requirements.