AfiFarm 5.5

Herd Management Software

Intuitive and powerful!

AfiFarm 5.5 for effective management of animal inventory, problem detection (like sick animal or wrong group) and intervention, milking, health and fertility monitoring.

Afi2go prime
It’s time for farms to go paperless

Herdsmen, inseminators, and vets can access task lists and cow cards, and record all actions directly via the app on their mobiles. Managers can use the app to monitor workers’ progress and the farm status,  displayed on the dashboard


Elevate your farm management with Afi.Cloud

Afi.Cloud Backup keeps your data intact, even in a catastrophe.

Afimilk Cockpit provides visual KPIs (key performance indicators) of top priority topics – fertility management, health, and production.

TODAY dashboard provides visual cues on that spotlights the current status of the farm’s key management aspects (milking, tasks, and problems).