Complete Dairy Farm Automation Solutions

Afimilk’s full automation and management solution is simple to use, comprehensive, and focused on farmers’ needs.

Inline milk lab combines Afimilk’s acclaimed milk meter and Afilab – a unique milk analyzer that evaluates milk components.

AfiAct II pedometers provide accurate heat detection, calving alerts, rest monitoring, and reliable animal ID in the parlor.

AfiFarm software interprets the data from all these tools to provide you with comprehensive and accessible information you can use to make smart decisions.

High-Quality Milk Sensors

    Afimilk has designed a unique set of milk sensors to monitor and record the most essential aspects of the milk yield – for every cow, during every milking session.

Milk yield is accurately measured, for short-term detection of health problems, improved animal selection, and long-term genetic potential.

Milk solids are analyzed with a focus on protein and fat components to effectively detect ketosis, nutritional issues and digestion-related health problems.

Conductivity and lactose content are scanned with special attention; changes in these components accurately indicate mastitis.

Key Applications

Afimilk’s sensors do more than indicate which cows have dropped in milk production or show increased milk conductivity. Our research team has developed key applications that will dramatically change the way you manage treatments and improve outcomes, including:

  • Early Ketosis detection – for improved treatment of fresh cows.
  • Mastitis detection – treat mastitis early, preventing loss of valuable production and infection of other cows.
  • Blood detection – prevent blood from entering the milk tank.
  • Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) – early detection allows you to treat the related group by adapting the feed regime.
  • Feed monitoring – identify feed problems as soon as the next milking session. This is critical, since feed is the most costly expense for a farm.
  • Genetic planning – only Afimilk’s In-Line Milk Lab provides a daily record of milk yield and milk components per cow, which is invaluable information for animal selection planning.

Labour Saving Tool


AfiFarm’s cutting-edge technology, raises the bar in milking efficiency.

Use it to train and monitor the parlour team to optimize the milking process, improve udder health, and heighten milk productivity.

Animal Sorting

Bringing animals from the barn for treatment is a labour-intensive, stressful process.

The AfiSort system automates animal sorting: generate, export and import sort lists; or, easily sort a specific animal in the parlour using a milk-meter keypad, rotary terminal touch screen, or your smartphone.