Advanced Neck Collar for Cow Monitoring

Benefits include:

  • Accurate heat detection.
  • Accurate rumination and eating time data.
  • Individual cow health alerts.
  • Group digestion alerts.
  • 24/7 wireless detection and management.

Accurate Heat Detection, 24/7


Identify cows for timely insemination.

  • AfiCollar provides accurate and time-sensitive heat detection data for improving your herd’s pregnancy rate.
  • Use AfiCollar to identify which cows to inseminate and the best time for insemination.
  • AfiCollar heat detection is also ideal for grazing cows.


Accurate Health Monitoring

  • Accurate rumination and eating patterns are used as indications of each cow’s health.
  • Receive health alerts when cows stray from their patterns.
  • The alerts detail the changes and possible causes.


Animal Behavior Monitoring

  • AfiCollar monitors animal behavior (rumination, eating, and motion).
  • This information is translated by AfiFarm to provide updated, round-the-clock monitoring and warnings for groups, and individual cows.


Group Digestion Monitoring

  • Using the data provided by AfiCollars, AfiFarm’s smart technology learns the rumination and eating patterns of the herd.
  • Group digestion alerts are provided when changes to these patterns occur at a group level.


Milk Sensors Integration

  • AfiCollar works together with Afimilk’s MPC Milk Meters and AfiLab to provide accurate data on the quality of each cow’s milk, and their individual health.
  • This data is used to provide early detection and alerts of health issues, such as ketosis.


Afi2Go Prime

  • Retrieve animal status, events and more.
  • Search for an animal by typing her number or swiping your mobile phone over the AfiCollar sensor.
  • Assign tags or codes out in the fields or sheds.
  • Manage cows for inseminations and treatments.
  • Sort cows.
All from your mobile device

AfiAct II

The Leading Cow Leg Sensor


  1. Heat Detection
  2. Animal Identification
  3. Calving Alert
  4. Rest
  5. Well Being.


Accurate Heat Detection, 24/7

AfiAct II increases your herd’s pregnancy rate by providing accurate and time-sensitive heat detection.

It identifies cows for insemination, and the ideal time to inseminate them.


Superior Animal ID

Afimilk utilizes sophisticated antenna technology that allows the same tag to function as an effective, accurate tool for cow identification in the milking parlor and at the sorting gate.


Calving Alerts

Receive alerts at the start of calving, and when prolonged calving occurs.

Use these to provide timely interventions that prevent complications and calf mortality.


Monitor Rest, Health and Group Wellbeing

Identify health problems and group well-being issues such as overcrowding, poor bedding, excess group activity, or any other factors that disturb the animals’ comfort and can impact their production.