Looking for a compact and agile manure robot that delivers impressive results?

Discover our latest innovation: the Nano manure robot.

This unique manure management solution is suitable for both slatted and semi-closed floors.

Suitable for wide and narrow manure alleys

Nano: The newest and most compact manure robot from JOZ.

With a machine width of just 70 cm, it can easily clean even the narrowest manure alleys, ensuring your barn floors are optimally clean.

Our transponder technology enables the Nano to learn up to 22 routes.

And with its effective jet spraying system featuring five jets at both the front and rear, this agile manure robot delivers fantastic results.

The Nano has an impressive tank capacity of up to 110 litres.


If you opt for sprayers, jet nozzles distribute water over the floor at 2.5 litres per minute.

If you wish to adjust the dosage, the Nano offers the flexibility to do so.

Want to know more about the Nano’s useful jet nozzles? See the brochure.

The Nano is suitable for slatted floors as well as semi-closed floors.

If you have a closed barn floor longer than 20 metres, we recommend the Barn-E manure robot, which is specially designed for larger closed floors.


The Nano boasts a maximum route duration of 65 minutes and an average speed of 6.5 meters per minute, making it faster than the JOZ-Tech.

The advantage of this is faster cleaning.

However, the Nano’s speed is still gentle enough to avoid disturbing your animals.

At JOZ, it’s important to us that our products are animal friendly, and this is a key feature of the Nano’s design.

Technical specifications

Machine body width 70 cm
Height 70 cm
Required minimum clearance height 70 cm
Maximum weight 550 kg
Water tank capacity 110 litres
Sprayers 1 front (5 jets) & 1 rear (5 jets)
Scraper width 120 – 185 cm
Lift function up to 4 cm
Batteries 2 x 12V 110 Ah connected in series
Battery charger 24 volts / max 25 A
Battery load dependent on route duration
Routes programmed via JOZ SAM & Sketch method
Incline 5% with lift, up to a maximum of 10%
Maximum slatted floor gap width 4 cm
Cubicle bedding
Custom-cut straw up to 4 cm
Separated manure (only with sprayer system)

Custom configuration

JOZ allows you to customise the Nano to suit your farm’s specific needs by choosing from the options below:

Scraper width from 120 cm to 185 cm

Sprayer equipment (110-litre capacity)

Lifting device (for managing inclines or crossing the feed alley)

We recommend opting for sprayers where possible to facilitate easier handling of dry manure.

This requires a water connection at the charging station.





The Nano in the barn

The Nano operates independently, guided by transponders embedded in the barn floor.

The robot pushes the manure into the manure pit and returns to the charging station to recharge its batteries for the next route.

The charging station can be a standalone unit that allows docking and charging from either the left or right side.

The Nano’s movements are determined by the pre-programmed routes, the available space in relation to the number of cows in the barn and the presence of any potential obstacles.

More information about routes and route schedules can be found in the brochure.

Software and communication

The Nano’s software communicates with transponders in the barn floor via a wireless connection with the J-link on the charging station.

Therefore, the charging station’s location should be considered before installation, as a wired Internet connection is necessary for the robot to function optimally.

The Internet connection allows both dealers and JOZ to remotely monitor the Nano in real time, offering easier management and faster responses for enhanced operational convenience and service quality.

The timing of each route is managed via the JOZ Management System (JMS) or with the J-Touch manual control.