JOZ Barn-E

Manure robot specially designed for solid floors

Clean floor, clean livestock

Every farmer obviously wants the same thing, a clean barn floor with as little work as possible.

So, what’s the best way to go about this if you have a solid barn floor?

Manually scraping the floor isn’t a viable option, and maybe you’d rather avoid a manure scraper.


The number 1 manure robot for solid barn floors!


If you’re looking for a solution to keep your solid barn floor clean, meet the latest innovation in our ‘Manure removal’ range: the Barn-E manure robot. This revolutionary manure robot is specially designed for barns with solid floors.

Is your barn floor made of slabs, rubber or another kind of solid surface? And would you like your barn floor to be cleaned automatically? The Barn-E manure robot is suitable for almost all cubicle barns with solid floors. Whether your barn floor is made of slabs, rubber or another kind of solid surface: the Barn-E will clean it effortlessly. This new manure robot also has no problem cleaning waiting areas and wide manure alleys.

What’s clever about the Barn-E’s design is that it doesn’t simply push manure but picks it up. The manure is collected with a scraper beam, then raised and stored in the manure container via a rotating feeder. The manure robot then drives to the discharge point, where it deposits the collected manure.

JOZ now has a brand-new solution for cleaning up manure:

The Barn-E, a fully automatic manure robot that was specially designed for solid barn floors.

The robot collects the manure, then deposits it.

The result? A clean floor and cleaner hooves.

The Barn-E is notable for its simplicity and hypoid drive.

This manure robot is less than 70 cm high, so it can easily pass under gates.

Finally, the design of this robot is modular, and it’s very easy to maintain.


The Barn-E works autonomously. It uses transponder technology to finds its way around the barn.

While it moves through the barn, the robot collects manure from the floor at the front.

The manure is then raised and stored in the manure container by a rotating infeed.

When it completes its route through the barn, the Barn-E drives to the deposit point to unload the collected manure

The manure robot doesn’t push manure forward, but picks it up

In total, the robot can process 370 to 500 litres of manure each time it completes a route through the barn, depending on the scraper width.

What also makes it so useful is the rotating infeed, as the Barn-E can effortlessly clean barn floors with chopped straw, separated manure or sawdust in the cubicles.

Preventing infectious hoof diseases partly depends on good hygiene.

The JOZ manure robot keeps floors clean, making the place where cows live as comfortable as possible.

Type of robot

The Barn-E is particularly suitable for solid floors.

It effortlessly cleans modular floors, rubber floors and other types of solid floor.

This manure robot can also collect and transport cow manure in various ways.

The Barn-E is available in 2 versions.

You can choose between the following scraping widths:

155 cm (standard)
185 cm (extra wide)


The Barn-E can cover an unlimited number of routes.

These routes are set by special software and transmitted to the JOZ Routemanager App.

You can open the app on your smartphone or desktop via the JOZ access point in the barn.

With JOZ’s special software (SAM & Sketch), you can draw the robot’s routes on the floorplan of your barn, and then compile a plan with the most efficient routes.

You can even draw up various plans, for example winter and summer plans to reflect the different conditions.

The more efficient the route, the cleaner the floor.

For the best results, we recommend always cleaning solid floors every 2 hours.


It’s important to keep the atmosphere in the barn as quiet as possible.

This robot makes no noise, so peace is preserved and the Barn-E is accepted by the cows without any agitation.

The low speed also helps, as the manure robot moves at 6.5 metres per minute.

Cows can detect the manure robot, easily anticipate its movements, and move out of its way if necessary.


When we designed this new machine, we took into account that cows can be unpredictable, and must of course be disturbed as little as possible by a manure robot.

The Barn-E has rounded corners, so it’s kind for cows.

It prevents cows from getting hurt, and also means the robot can move more easily through the barn.

The result? Better cleaning.

The robot’s side arms help it keep floors cleaner and maintain a sufficient distance from the cubicle edge and the cows in the cubicles.


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