Better hygiene, Healthier animals

The JOZ-Tech manure robot is a fully-automatic robot for cleaning dairy cattle stables.

Due to its high capacity the floors are clean and the cows experience a higher welfare.

This robot enhances the cow’s health and prevents ailments like mastitis (cleaner udders) and mortellaro.

A clean floor creates a natural environment and a better common health in the barn.

The manure robot incorporates transponder technology that does not create any obstacle in the barn.

This technology allows the programming of an unlimited number of routes.

Charging and taking on water takes place on a charging station out of reach of the cows.

Large surfaces like waiting areas and very wide dung channels are no problem.

JOZ Management System

The robot communicates wirelessly with the J-Link on the J-Load charging station.

If there is internet in the barn, then the JOZ Management System (JMS) can be used.

The JMS enables the farmer or dealer to remotely monitor the JOZ-Tech 24/7.

This facilitates the operation of the robot and increases the quality of service.

  • Clean and dry claws

  • Cleaner udders

  • Cleans entire floor, also along the front wall

  • High capacity

  • Animal-friendly

  • Applicable for low emission floors