Udder Mister ® Walkover

FutureCow’s Udder Mister Walkover is a fully automated pre-dip or post-dip sprayer.  The Walkover works with most standard teat dips automatically spraying teats prior to or after milking.

Put an End to Costly Manual Dipping

The Walkover teat dip sprayer is built to last under tough conditions.  The system automatically sprays teats with your preferred pre-dip or post-dip solution. As a result, it fully coats and protects teats from mastitis-causing bacteria between milkings.

Automate Your Teat Dip

Once installed, the Walkover requires no interaction from parlor staff except for basic routine maintenance.

Coats and protects teats from mastitis causing bacteria between milkings
Interchangeable spray tips available to increase or decrease dip usage and customize coverage area
Can be installed at the entrance or exit of the milking parlor
Water nozzle designed to automatically clean the sensors to keep the system running
One system can operate multiple lanes

  • Eliminate salary and expenses for one labor position per shift

  • Save money without sacrificing udder health

  • Prevent mastitis and its associated costs

  • See a full return on investment in 6 months


  • Dip Usage: Interchangeable spray tips, dip usage will vary
  • Electricity: 120/240 VAC
  • Air: 60 psi