Udder Mister ® 2.0

FutureCow’s Udder Mister 2.0 is a fully automated teat dip sprayer specifically designed for faster turning rotary parlors. The Udder Mister works with most standard teat dips automatically spraying teats prior to milking or after milking clusters are removed.

Put an End to Costly Manual Dipping

The Udder Mister teat dip sprayer is built to last under tough conditions.   The system automatically sprays teats with your preferred pre-dip or post-dip solution. As a result, it fully coats and protects teats from mastitis-causing bacteria between milkings.

  • Eliminate salary and expenses for one labor position per shift

  • Save money without sacrificing udder health


  • Prevent mastitis and its associated costs

  • See a full return on investment in under 1 year

How Does It Work?

  • Once installed, the Udder Mister requires no interaction from parlor staff except for basic routine maintenance.

  • The Udder Mister automatically sprays teats with your preferred teat dip solution.  Therefore, fully coating and protecting from mastitis-causing bacteria between milkings.

  • Udder Mister 2.0 works by using sensors to detect when a cow is present. Then, the Udder Mister arm extends and sprays the teats on the left side of the udder as it goes under the cow and as it pulls back out it sprays the teats on the right side of the udder. Once the arm returns to its starting position, a wash down system cleans the nozzle before starting the process again for the next cow.

  • Udder Mister adjustments include customized spray nozzles based on parlor set-up to ensure full coverage of teats. The height of the spray arm is adjustable to meet the needs of each parlor. The Udder Mister arm is mounted on springs allowing the unit to flex 90 degrees in either direction in case it gets caught on the rotary to allow the obstruction to pass.

  • Specifically placed sensors ensure every cow is sprayed properly, every time

  • Compatible with most standard teat dip sprays
  • Control and adjust spray position, dwell time and speed, to accommodate varying conditions


  • Built to perform under all temperature conditions

  • Waste reducing sensors skip empty stalls and detect if milking clusters are still attached


    • Dip Usage: less than 25 ml per cow depending on dip viscosity and nozzle
    • Minimum Rotary Speed: 3.6 seconds for Udder Mister 2.0
    • Electricity: 120/240 VAC
    • Air: 90 psi