MilkShuttle – mobile calf feeding, tailored to their needs.

Robust and available in five different sizes. The MilkShuttle is a tried-and-tested feeding system that is used in a diverse range of calf rearing systems. Robust, flexible and precise, this mobile liquid calf feed mixer fits in effortlessly on any terrain, and what’s more, it noticeably shortens the feeding process. As such, our innovative solution not only relieves some of the physical pressure but also to saves you and your team a great deal of time throughout the working day. Depending on the version, the MilkShuttle is available in different tank capacities and with an automatically driven chassis.

Safe and sturdy –

regardless of the terrain.

If any liquid calf feed mixer has earned the title of “mobile”, it’s the Urban MilkShuttle. On many farms, several 100 kilograms of feed are moved from animal to animal on a daily basis. Thanks to our three-wheel design, the MilkShuttle braves impassable ground and noticeably alleviates physical strain. It is flexible for use on all types of terrain, always holds its position thanks to an automatic stop function and has an extremely small turning circle, not to mention puncture-resistant tyres.

Powerful agitator

and integrated rinsing programme.

The two-stage agitator ensures that you can use our MilkShuttle to feed both whole milk and milk replacement at high qualities. The slow speed setting helps to gently warm up whole milk while also preventing it from burning. The faster speed setting is suitable for optimally preparing clump-free milk powder. In both cases, the batch of milk is brought to the relevant temperature in the shortest amount of time. What’s more, the integrated, semi-automatic rinsing programme assists you in cleaning the system reliably. The duration and water temperature can be set individually as required and the MilkShuttle is easy to empty via the drain valve.

Precise metering

for individual feeding.

Depending on your requirements, the MilkShuttle is available in five different sizes between 100 and 350 litres. Regardless of the tank capacity, the mobile liquid calf feed mixer always dispenses precise amounts. Thanks to the mixing table in the lid, you can always determine the ratio of water to milk powder and adapt it to your individual calves. What’s more, the three preset dosing amounts and high-quality measuring scale inside the container mean you can always keep track.

Suitable for both small and large groups.

No matter the size of your calf rearing operation, you will find the right MilkShuttle for your farm. The mobile liquid calf feed mixer is available in five different sizes: 100 litres, 150 litres, 200 litres, 250 litres and – brand new – with a tank capacity of 350 litres. Its tried-and-tested design enables you to comfortably feed your calves on any terrain and save time in the process.