Bayley’s Concentrated Iodine 3:1

Bayley’s Premium Product

Concentrated 3:1 Iodine teat dip/spray

  • Glycerine/Lanolin emollient complex for optimum skin condition
  • High-quality premium concentrate formulation
  • Efficacy tested to BS EN 1656: 2009

Instructions for use (post-milking)

Teat dipping

Fill the dipping cup with diluted stock solution and dip at least 2/3 of the teat length immediately after milking. Carefully empty and clean dipping cups after every milking session. Refill cup with fresh product for each milking session.

Teat spraying

Immediately after the milking of cows, spray the entire surface of each teat with diluted stock solution. If the spray nozzle is adjustable, use a coarse spray (not a fine mist).