Bayley’s Autotank Cleaner

High strength chlorinated alkaline liquid cleaner for the removal of fat and protein deposits in DX bulk tanks, milk silos and for circulation cleaning.

  • Proven formulation for fat and protein removal
  • Non-foaming and easy rinsing
  • Can be used for circulation cleaning

Instructions for use

DX Bulk Tank Cleaning:

  1. Use product as per tank manufacturer’s instructions as 0.5% dilution
  2. Peracetic acid or hypochlorite may be used in the final rinse at 100ml in 100 litres

After Milking:

  1. Rinse milking equipment with cold water using at least 10 litres per unit
  2. Make a 0.5% solution at the rate of 500ml to 100 litres per unit
  3. Circulate solution for between 7 to 10 minutes or until the water temperature drops to 65 C and run to waste
  4. Rinse with clean, cold water using at least 10 litres per unit