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Bayley’s Night Wash

Bayley’s Premium Product

High performance phosphoric and sulphuric acid based descaler and circulation cleaner for use in all dairy plants.

  • Economical acid based night wash
  • Removes and prevents milkstone deposits
  • High levels of surfactants for tough deposits
  • Suitable for use in hard water areas

Instructions for use (after milking)

  1. Rinse milking equipment with cold water using at least 10 litres per unit
  2. Make a 0.5% solution at the rate of 500ml to 100 litres per unit
  3. Circulate solution for between 7 to 10 minutes or until the water temperature drops to 65°C
  4. Run to waste
  5. Rinse with clean, cold water using at least 10 litres per unit
  6. For cold afternoon washes when used in conjunction with an alkali morning hot wash use at a rate of 1-2 litres to 100 litres of water